The Things We Write

I am intrigued with the idea that, like the stories we write with words, we are writing our own and others' lives--with our words, yes, but also with our actions, and sometimes with our inactions. We are always creating, whether we wish to or not. The things we choose to pay attention to, and the judgments we make of these things, create the person we will be in the next moment.

Our first creation is our thoughts.

We help to create others in the ways we respond to or react to them. Studies have shown that even our unspoken judgments (and prejudgments) of others are unconsciously expressed to them and often affect their confidence and behavior.


We create our world by the way we treat our environment and the other life forms that inhabit it with us.

I read about an experiment done years ago in which they set two houseplants in a room. Several people walked through the room one at a time. One person was instructed to violently destroy one of the plants. Later the other plant was hooked to a lie detector meter. People were again brought through the room one at a time. When the person who destroyed the first plant came through the room the meter registered what could only be described as an extreme emotion, had the machine been hooked up to a human being.

We are more connected to the life around us than most of us are aware of.

What a tremendous power and responsibility we have. Yet so many of us don't feel, or don't acknowledge, this power and responsibility. That too is creating us and the world we live in.


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