Getting Lost With Scrivener

If you've read my blog you know I'm having a love affair with Scrivener. If you want to know why, read this.

However, you'll understand why I considered getting a divorce when at 0430 I synced the only copy of my novel (after hours and days of revisions) with SimpleNote and lost EVERYTHING--the notes, the research, the cards, the outline.... (You can do it all in Scrivener.) And I had no file back-up. 

Do I really need to describe the anguish, the sick feeling in my stomach, the hair I pulled out of my scalp?

It was made worse by knowing myself to be somewhat of a computer & gadget techie. I know! I should know better, right? And yet I worked for hours each day, refining, and not thinking about backing up my work before performing a new action for the first time. Have you ever done this(Come on, you can tell me.) 

And why, you might ask, did I want to sync my novel with SimpleNote? Because Scrivener has yet to make a version for the iPad. I wanted a syncing copy of my novel on more than one device, for accessibility and also for security. (Ha ha. Get it? Security.)

Emma & iPad.jpeg

The good news is I discovered that Scrivener automatically creates a backup copy whenever the computer is idle for two seconds. I did a computer search for my file name, found the latest file copy, discovered my novel hidden under SimpleNote's notes (in Binder view), and viola! 

I'm in love with Scrivener again.

For anyone else considering syncing Scrivener with SimpleNote, here's a video on that, courtesy of Scrivener on Facebook:



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