When Writing Gets Difficult: Chasing Perfection

I'm planning on using all or part of Act I of my novel as my writing sample when applying to low-residency MFA programs, or maybe not. It gives gatekeepers an opportunity to judge my novel writing abilities, and I can leave them wanting more by ending the sample at a critical moment in the story. This could work for or against me. 

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Getting Lost With Scrivener

If you've read my blog you know I'm having a love affair with Scrivener. If you want to know why read this.

However, you'll understand why I considered getting a divorce when at 0430 (after several all-nighters) I synced the only copy of my novel (after days of revisions) with SimpleNote and lost EVERYTHING--the partial, the notes, the research, the cards, the outline.... (You can do it all with Scrivener.) And I had no file back-up.

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