Everyone Has a Story to Tell

My book club friends and I were drinking wine and talking about This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett. In the first few chapters she talks mostly about being a writer. At one point she mentions people who ask her to write "their book," and discusses whether everyone has (at least) one book in them.

Many people seem to believe this idea. Patchett does not, and...

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Thinking About Character Development

I'm writing a novel in which several of my characters interact closely so I've been thinking about character development. There are plenty of lists and software programs that lead writers through creating traits, history, personality type inventories, and even psychological disorders. Here's oneHere's another.

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The Things We Write

I am intrigued with the idea that like the stories we write with words, we are also writing our own and others' lives--with our words, yes, but also with our actions, our glances, and sometimes with our inactions. We are always creating, whether or we wish to or not. The things we choose to pay attention to, and the judgments we make of these things, create the person we will be in the next moment.

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