Should Doctors With No Knowledge of the Female Body Be Allowed to Practice Medicine?

In an article appearing in the Army Times, by Garance Burke from The Associated Press, about the problems the Veterans Administration (VA) has in caring for female veterans, the head of the VA's Office of Women's Health "...acknowledges that persistent shortcomings remain in caring for the 390,000 female vets seen last year at its hospitals & clinics -- despite an investment of more than $1.3 billion since 2008, including the training of hundreds of medical professionals in the fundamentals of treating the female body." 
But women have been seen at veterans hospitals and clinics since at least the Korean and Vietnam War eras. Are you telling me they were seen by medical personnel that knew nothing about the female body and were hardly aware that women are veterans too? Many female veterans from earlier eras as well as current eras have anecdotal evidence that this is indeed the case.
It begs the question, should medical personnel, especially doctors, who know nothing about treating the female body even be allowed to practice medicine?
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